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​​The Seraph’s Fund Surpasses $750,000 for Mater Dei Prep
Town hall event showcases new governance model

At a Town Hall meeting Sunday night, Jim Shaw, Trustee of The Seraph’s Fund spoke to a crowd of Mater Dei Prep parents and alumni about the progress of the Save the Seraphs campaign. Over the weekend, pledge totals rose over $750,000 thanks to two fundraisers and the generosity of those both inside and outside the Mater Dei Prep community.

SeraphFest, a six-hour music festival featuring performances by local bands, students and alumni, generated $10,000 for The Seraph’s Fund, while a 3-on-3 basketball tournament raised close to $6,000.

The Town Hall began with Fr. Jeff Kegley, Pastor of St. Mary’s Church, expressing his full support for the current path – Mater Dei Prep as a private, Catholic institution, financially and operationally separate from the parish. Jim Shaw, Trustee of The Seraph’s Fund, explained the new business model: a separate Board of Trustees will govern the school, managing the development and budgeting with full transparency, while The Seraph’s Fund will provide the endowment for the school’s financial sustainability. Mr. Shaw noted other high schools in Philadelphia, southern New Jersey and in Monmouth County where this model has been extremely successful. Additionally, many religious orders follow this model.

Mr. Shaw expressed the importance of reaching the $1 million goal as quickly as possible to show the Diocese of Trenton that Mater Dei Prep is financially viable. Mr. Shaw also encouraged the community to support Mater Dei Prep through long-term giving with the Seraph Pledge, a pledge of $1,000 a year for the next four years. This would ensure the fund’s ability to endow Mater Dei Prep in the future.

In addition to The Seraph’s Fund operating as an endowment fund for Mater Dei Prep, Mr. Shaw explained that the new business model provides for a separate Board of Trustees to oversee budgeting and development. Board members and volunteers are currently completing the steps necessary to operate as a private, Catholic high school in anticipation of a meeting with the Diocese in the near future.

The fund’s signature fundraising event, the Save the Seraphs Gala, taking place March 21 at Shore Casino in Atlantic Highlands is sold out. The event, sponsored by the Harper Family, features dinner, an open bar, entertainment by Joe Rapolla and the Perfect Square and a gift auction. For more information about The Seraph’s Fund and upcoming fundraising events or to make a pledge to the Save the Seraphs campaign, please visit www.seraphfund.org.

Save the Seraphs Campaign Update

march 17, 2015