Seraph's Fund

Dear Seraph’s Fund Benefactors,

Significant progress has been made since our Kick-off meeting last week.   In that short time, a talented group of people created a new foundation the “Seraph’s Fund”.  In short, the foundation’s focus is to ensure Mater Dei Prep’s doors stay open for another 50 years and beyond.

To keep the Seraph community informed on our progress we will be sharing weekly updates, like this one, on our website

In one week, the SaveTheSeraphs Campaign has:

  • Held a SaveTheSeraphs meeting that was  attended by over 1,000 supporters
  • Organized a  rally on Sunday, February 8, 2015 and cheered for our school in the Mater Dei Prep parking lot
  • The Seraphs Fund was founded as an Independent New Jersey Nonprofit Corporation
  • The Seraph’s Fund Board of Trustees was appointed
  • The Seraph’s Fund obtained its own tax ID number and bank account
  • The Seraph's Fund launched their official website and social media page “Seraph’s Fund”
  • Pledges are being collected with daily totals updated on our campaign homepage:
  • The Seraph’s Fund established a mailing address: PO Box 7086, Middletown, NJ 07748
  • A Publicity Team is working on a communication plan
  • The Fund-Raising Team is working on the ideas provided by the Seraph Family to raise donations and pledges by April 15
  • A video is being created for the SaveTheSeraphs campaign
  • Area schools are supporting our effort

Before closing this update, we want to answer the questions raised regarding the collection of pledges and donations to the Seraph’s Fund if Mater Dei Prep does not open in September 2015.  The Seraph’s Fund is dedicated to protecting all their potential benefactors and is required to follow IRS regulations.  All pledges to the Seraph’s Fund are conditional upon the opening of Mater Dei Prep for the September 2015/16 school year.  So please don’t be afraid to pledge, but when we ask you to honor your pledge, have your checkbook ready!

When this campaign is completed, we will deliver a process you can
trust, a plan that will succeed and a future that graduates 50 more years of Seraphs.   We ask you for your continued support of our students and Mater Dei Prep.   Pledge Today!

 With Seraph Pride,

Jim Shaw, Seraph Fund Chairman

Christina Hardman O’Neal Esq., Seraph Fund Trustee

Mike Kress, Seraph Fund Trustee

Save the Seraphs Campaign Update

February 14, 2015

​​One School. One Family.

Seraphs in Middletown