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Seraph's Fund

As The Seraph’s Fund prepares its presentation for the diocese, we still need your help with an important part of the equation —making sure our 440 pledges become donations by April 15th. As of April 7th, we currently have just over $682,000 cash in The Seraph’s Fund. The remainder of the over $1,000,000 is still in binding pledges. The April 15th deadline has always applied to the financial part of our approval process…and it still does. If you haven’t already done so, please turn your binding pledge into a donation as soon as possible.

As we look to present our plan to the diocese the week of April 20th, we are busy on a number of fronts. In addition to The Seraph’s Fund receiving its 501(c)(3) status, we have also formed a second, separate New Jersey non-profit corporation—Mater Dei Prep. This entity will establish, maintain, promote, administer, manage and operate Mater Dei Prep, a private Catholic high school, while The Seraph’s Fund focuses on fundraising and endowment.

We are also in the process of transferring accreditation from the Middle States Association Commission on Elementary and Secondary Schools and we are completing documentation and other requirements necessary to be registered with the New Jersey Department of Education as a non-public school. This includes ensuring our eligibility for federal and state aid.

We are obtaining both insurance coverage for Mater Dei Prep and a nonpublic tuition bond, along with the requisite approvals from the township. Our due diligence process is open and on-going, including negotiating our lease and shared-use agreements, obtaining insurance contracts and vendor agreements and finalizing our revenue and expense projections.

You play an important role in helping us achieve our goal: to have Mater Dei Prep’s doors open in September and for years to come. If you are a current MDP family, please show your commitment to Mater Dei Prep by completing the 2015-16 Registration form online at register2015.seraphfund.org.  If you have an eighth grader who is considering attending MDP, please call Mr. Dennis Tobin at 732.671.9100 ext. 12 and register for September.

And remember, if you have made a pledge to the Save the Seraphs campaign, please turn that pledge into a donation now.Thank you for your continued support of Mater Dei Prep.​

Thank you for your continued support of Mater Dei Prep!

Save the Seraphs Campaign Update

April 7, 2015